Booking and preparing for an eye test

People with learning disabilities need good support to help them get the most from their eye test.

Booking an eye test

When booking the appointment, make sure you say it is for a person with learning disabilities. This will give the optometry service a chance to offer further support.

The support provided by the carer or family member is equally important. Ensure that the person is accompanied on the day by someone who knows them well.

The carer or family member is often the communication link between the optometrist and the person with learning disabilities. With good support and information, the optometrist will be able to achieve a lot during the eye test.

Find an optometrist

Search our database of optometrists and dispensing opticians who have shared information on their services for people with learning disabilities.

Preparing for an eye test

People with learning disabilities need good support to help them get the most from their eye test.

It can be useful to prepare people for some of the tests they may find difficult or uncomfortable, for example:

  • Practice matching or signing pictures like the ones on the Kay Pictures website
  • Practice shining a small torch with a ‘soft light’ in the person’s eye to get them used to someone being up close and having a light shone in their eyes
  • Practice having one eye covered to check what each eye can see
  • Practice following a torch light, looking ahead at objects

Optometrists need to be given information about the person to help them tailor the eye test accordingly. This can be done by filling in our easy read form and giving it to the optometrist either before or at the eye test.

About me and my eyes

This form tells your optometrist about you. You should fill it in and take it with you to your eye test. Your supporter can fill in this form with you.

If someone wears a hearing aid, they should wear this during their eye test. This will help the optician to make sure that the glasses are comfortable when they’re also wearing their hearing aid.

It is important that someone takes their current glasses to the appointment for the optometrist to see. Letters from previous eye tests or hospital eye appointments will also be really helpful.

Watch the film above of people talking about their experiences of going for an eye test: