Functional Vision Assessment (FVA)

Many people with learning disabilities may not be able to tell others if they have concerns about their vision.

A Functional Vision Assessment (FVA) can be a very useful tool to find out more information on how someone uses their vision. Our easy to use tool is suitable for use by carers, supporters and learning disability professionals. It should be completed by someone who knows the person with learning disabilities well.

This is an observational tool that can be used to recognise how a person with learning disabilities might be using their sight. It can give an indication of what a person might not see, or have difficulty seeing. A Functional Vision Assessment can be very useful before someone attends an eye test or eye clinic appointment to identify problems that may or may not be treatable.

The observations made from the FVA should be shared at someone’s next eye appointment to help the person get the best support.

You may wish to watch our short films to help you carry out the assessment.