Something different
Something different

SeeAbility’s £25 Challenge

Wherever you are!

The challenge is simple: five weeks to turn £25 into £225.  
Find your team, hone your business skills, and raise that money! 

Are you ready to take on the challenge?  

This year, to celebrate our 225th anniversary, we're inviting you to take on the £25 challenge. Take £25 and turn it into £225 - or as much as you can! You can spend the £25 however you like - on ingredients for a cake sale, prizes for a raffle, or on something else wilder and wackier. This is the moment to channel your inner Apprentice Candidate to become a fundraising entrepreneur for SeeAbility. Use your talents and get creative! 

How it works 

Step 1: Build your team – whether it’s friends, family, colleagues or school friends – and start planning how you will raise £225 in five weeks. 

Step 2: Complete an enquiry form and a member of our fundraising team will be in touch. 


If you are ready to get registered, you can download and complete a sign-up form.

Step 3: Our fundraising team will be in contact to deliver your £25 investment if required. They will be on hand with any advice and support along the way. 

Step 4: Get fundraising!   

Some inspiration on what you can do

  • Hire a venue and host a quiz night, comedy or talent show, selling tickets and even refreshments. 

  • Purchase prizes to host a raffle or bingo night. 

  • Buy your team places in a local fun run and ask for sponsorship. 

  • Get ingredients for a bake sale or BBQ street party. 

  • Host a Come Dine with Me event. 

  • Buy some cleaning equipment and host a local car wash. 

Why take on the £25 challenge? 

  • A great team-building opportunity 

  • Use your creativity and develop your entrepreneurial skills 

  • Great for students to develop their business and money management skills. 

  • Support and make connections with your local charity.  

Fundraising target

Registration fee: £0 

Fundraising target: £225 

Complete a sign-up form 

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like an informal discussion about the event, please email or call Sarah on 07736 994513. 

Fundraising for SeeAbility – Keeping it legal

Terms and conditions

  • By registering for this challenge, you understand that the £25 starter money provided by SeeAbility, is a loan. You must fundraise over this amount or the £25 must be returned in full via BACs or cheque. 
  • By registering for this challenge, you are confirming that you are authorised by the whole team to agree to the terms and conditions and provide details on their behalf. 
  • By registering for this challenge, you agree to fundraise as much as possible for SeeAbility in the five weeks after receiving the £25 loan. 
  • SeeAbility reserves the right to ask you to stop fundraising at any time. This might have if SeeAbility deems your fundraising unsafe or may harm either a person of SeeAbility’s reputation. 
  • SeeAbility will stop supporting your fundraising activity if they don’t think it’s safe, lawful or respectful.  
  • There are a limited number of loans of £25 available, but after that, people are free to use their own money to get started.

Whilst fundraising for SeeAbility: 

  • I will make sure I fundraise in a way that does not endanger or harm myself, my team, any supporter or member of the public. 
  • I will respect the privacy of others and not fundraise in a persistent or aggressive way. 
  • I understand that when I’m fundraising for SeeAbility, I will represent the charity and their cause. I will not do anything to bring SeeAbility’s name in disrepute. 
  • Where possible, I will display SeeAbility’s name and registered charity number (255913) whilst fundraising. 
  • I will collect and pay all money to SeeAbility within 2 months of my fundraising activity.  
  • I will not collect donations door-to-door or in a public place without getting the relevant collectors’ licence from my local authority. 
  • I will not collect donations on private property without the owner’s permission. This includes shops and pubs.  
  • I will not hold a raffle, lottery or prize draw unless it is held as part of a fundraising event. I understand the rules on what I’m allowed to do without a local authority or Gambling Commission licence. 
  • I will not sell alcohol without having the appropriate licence. 
  • I acknowledge that SeeAbility cannot take responsibility for any losses or harm made through my activity or liability arising from my activity.  
  • If I have to cancel or withdraw from this challenge for any reason, I will information SeeAbility as soon as possible.