Something different
Something different

SeeAbility's 225 Anniversary Challenge

Wherever you are!

This year marks SeeAbility’s 225th anniversary. To recognise this huge milestone we are inviting you, our supporters, to celebrate with us by taking on the 225 Challenge. 

What is the 225 Challenge?

The short answer: whatever you want it to be! 

The long answer: create your own challenge with the target of 225. That could mean cycling 225 miles, making 225 craft items, swimming 225 laps, or whatever else matches your interests! And the fundraising target? How about £225? Set up a fundraising page on JustGiving and ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you with donations. Here are some 225 themed fundraising ideas to get you started: 

Getting active

  • Run 225 miles in three months 

  • Swim 225 laps of your local swimming pool. 

  • Walk 225 metres each day of summer in your local park  

  • Cycle 225miles in one month 

Getting creative

  • Create a treasure hunt with 225-themed clues for your local community to join in with. 

  • Handmake 225 items and sell them to raise funds 

  • Host a fun quiz marathon with a massive 225 questions for your friends, family and colleagues.   

  • Organise a 225-themed world record attempt 

Something different

  • Sponsored silence – stay silent for 225 minutes. 

  • Give up something that you love for 225 hours. 

  • Help pack 225 bags at your local supermarket in exchange for donations 

  • Collect 225 items from your friends and family to sell at a car boot sale to raise money. 

The possibilities are endless! It really is all about having fun while raising money for SeeAbility. Download and complete the registration form and return it to We will send you further information and a fundraising pack to get started.  

Fundraising target 

Registration fee: £0 

Fundraising target:  £225 

Complete the registration form


If you have any questions or would like an informal discussion about the event, please email or call Sarah on 07736 994513. 

Fundraising for SeeAbility – Keeping it legal

Terms and conditions

  • By registering for this challenge, you agree to fundraise as much as possible for SeeAbility. 
  • SeeAbility reserves the right to ask you to stop fundraising at any time. This might be if SeeAbility deems your fundraising unsafe or may harm either a person of SeeAbility’s reputation. 
  • SeeAbility will stop supporting your fundraising activity if they don’t think it’s safe, lawful or respectful.  

Whilst fundraising for SeeAbility: 

  • I will make sure I fundraise in a way that does not endanger or harm myself, my team, any supporter or member of the public. 
  • I will respect the privacy of others and not fundraise in a persistent or aggressive way. 
  • I understand that when I’m fundraising for SeeAbility, I will represent the charity and their cause. I will not do anything to bring SeeAbility’s name in disrepute. 
  • Where possible, I will display SeeAbility’s name and registered charity number (255913) whilst fundraising. 
  • I will collect and pay all money to SeeAbility within 2 months of my fundraising activity.  
  • I will not collect donations door-to-door or in a public place without getting the relevant collectors’ licence from my local authority. 
  • I will not collect donations on private property without the owner’s permission. This includes shops and pubs.  
  • I will not hold a raffle, lottery or prize draw unless it is held as part of a fundraising event. I understand the rules on what I’m allowed to do without a local authority or Gambling Commission licence. 
  • I will not sell alcohol without having the appropriate licence. 
  • I acknowledge that SeeAbility cannot take responsibility for any losses or harm made through my activity or liability arising from my activity.  
  • If I have to cancel or withdraw from this challenge for any reason, I will information SeeAbility as soon as possible.