Volunteering in 2022/23

Our volunteer tandem club

We are so fortunate to have over 100 volunteers at SeeAbility, who give their time and skills in a variety of roles. They are caring, dedicated and committed to providing excellent support in all sorts of ways to the people we work with. 

These are challenging times for volunteering, as lots of organisations are competing for the same people and we have had to make sure that what we offer is a rewarding and inspirational experience. 

Wilf receiving a certificateWilf is one of our volunteers in Leatherhead, volunteering in the Tandem Club based at Leatherhead. Wilf has been a volunteer for over five years and his role is to take the people we support out for bike rides on a tandem - which is brilliant. He also volunteered through the pandemic, helping with shopping and prescriptions.  

Wilf said: “Volunteering gives me so much reward - seeing the pleasure on people’s faces and the enjoyment they get from the small things is immense.” 

June 1-7 was National Volunteers’ Week - you may have seen the bunting and posters up at one of our homes. We got to thank all our volunteers and celebrate the contribution they bring to SeeAbility by awarding them with certificates of recognition and thank you messages. 

What is the future of volunteering at SeeAbility?

The team are working hard to increase our numbers and to offer more and varied roles – with a mix of face-to-face and remote opportunities. We’d love to increase the rewards and recognition that volunteers get.  

We’d also like to offer more personal development – NQVs for example – and we want to make sure volunteers have a voice within SeeAbility.  

Wherever we go with our volunteers we know it will be a journey – and an exciting one! 

Get in touch with the SeeAbility volunteering team.