Theory of change

Our Theory of change:

Our impact: We aim to make inclusion a reality for more children and adults with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss

We will make this a reality by focusing on three key themes and delivering support and services to deliver change:

  1. People get more ambitious and creative support
    • We deliver specialist social care support with accessible housing options
    • We provide a unique combination of positive behaviour support and vision rehabilitation expertise
  2. People are better able to benefit from preventative services
    • We provide the only UK nursing care service for people with juvenile CLN3 (Batten) disease
    • We deliver the only national programme on eye care for those with learning disabilities with a clinical team providing eye care in special schools
  3. More people are participating and contributing to society
    • We enable and empower people with disabilities by supporting self advocacy, providing specialist support and volunteering programmes that are focused on participation and inclusion
    • We are developing a supported employment programme that enables people with disabilities to achieve their career ambitions