Matt Verdonkschot

Mark in a restaurant

What people like and admire about me

My sense of humour, my personality and my willingness to help others. They like when I’m a little bit cheeky and think I’m a generally good person.

What’s important to me?

My mum is the most important person in my life and I love the people who support me in my house. It’s also important for me to go out and about, like having lunch and volunteering at the farm. 

How best to support me?

I need reminders to check my emails to see what meetings I have. On a related note, I need help with my scheduling a little bit so I know what’s going on and don’t forget meetings.

When I’m in meetings, give me time to answer questions, and rephrase things and give me prompts if I’m stuck.

Why are you passionate about campaigning and making a difference?

I think it’s good for other people to know about the role and all the good work we do.

What is something that you think needs changing to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss?

Making sure that people with autism and other disabilities feel confident and independent. Giving them the tools needed to have a good social life.

What are your biggest strengths?

My ability to get along with people, my kindness, my caring nature, and being comfortable talking about my disabilities.