Kinga Magyari

Vision Rehabilitation Worker
Kinga Magyari

What is your role?

I’m a Vision Rehab Worker. That means I work with people who have visual impairment or any difficulties with their eyesight. We support people in various ways, for example in orientation and mobility and independent living skills. 

What is your work history?

I went to university in Hungary to learn special needs education and therapy. My specialties are visual impairment, autism spectrum disorder and learning disabilities. After graduation I spent most of my working days as a teacher in the School for the Blind in Hungary, Budapest, but I was lucky enough to get to know other organisations too.

After that I worked in adult social care as part of the support team, until I got my position at SeeAbility.

What inspires you?

Mostly, my thirst for knowledge and challenges! A role like this - finding the best ways to support people with their own, unique needs – is very inspiring for me!

What's your favourite thing to do outside work?

Spending time with my family – of course, pets included - exploring dog friendly places.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

Being a 100% Hungarian girl, my best advice is “If you can make jam out of it, you might as well make pálinka” (very strong, traditional Hungarian liquor).

What’s one thing about you that people would be surprised to learn?

On weekends I also work in our family run photography business, as a wedding photographer.