Joanne Holland

Joanne smiling

What people like and admire about me

People like the way I interact with them, the way I dress, the way I think about the concept of time and my personality.

What’s important to me?

My family, my friends, and my social life. My work as an associate is also important as I can make a difference. Beyond that, TV shows are an important part of my live and I enjoy watching wrestling.

Things I find challenging 

Sometimes I find tasks or questions hard to understand. I also find technology challenging just generally.

How best to support me?

Taking time with me to explain what needs to be done in a calm and patient manner. I also need supporting with things to do with technology, like attaching things to emails, or taking photos on my phone.

Why are you passionate about campaigning and making a difference?

I like to make people’s lives easier. It’s really important to campaign and make a difference.

What is something that you think needs changing to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss?

There’s loads that needs changing. I’m particularly passionate about smoother pavements with fewer dropped curves, and how people are treated in care homes and hospitals.

What are your biggest strengths?

Good communication skills, enthusiasm, good time keeping, taking responsibility and safeguarding awareness.