Finding employment

Finding work can be difficult, but we are here to support you with our person centred approach. We will support and guide you to achieve the career that you want and aspire to.

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What is employment support?

Employment support is about working with you to help find a career. We will support you to:

  • Understand job adverts
  • Fill in application forms
  • Write or improve your CV
  • Write cover letters
  • Get prepared for interviews
  • Get ready to start your employment

Different types of employment

Work experience

  • It is an opportunity to learn new skills and help you decide what kind of career you would like.
  • Work experience can help you get some ideas about working if you have not worked before.
  • Although work experience is usually unpaid, it can help you get paid employment.
  • Work experience is typically done for a short period of time, usually for a few weeks or hours.


  • Volunteering is similar to work experience, but can be for a longer period of time, such as a few months or more.
  • Volunteering can include many different roles, including supporting people, retail work, gardening, cleaning, catering, office roles.

There are many benefits of volunteering and work experience:

  • Learning new skills
  • Getting involved in your community
  • Making new friends
  • Getting you ready for work
  • Getting a good reference from your manager


  • You will get paid for an apprenticeship.
  • Apprenticeships involve on the job training, so you are taught new skills while you are working.
  • Apprenticeships are available in a lot of different areas, for example art, media, education, business, farming and animal care.

Where can I find employment?

  • Employment sites such as Indeed and Reed.
  • Talk to local employers.

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