How to use eye drops (easy read)

If you have problems with your eyes your GP or eye doctor might ask you to use eye drops. This is an easy read fact sheet on how to use eye drops.

This is an easy read document

About eye drops


Eye drops are medicines that go into the front of your eye and in your eyelids.

Eye drops

If you have problems with your eyes your GP or eye doctor might ask you to use eye drops.

GP Doctor

It is very important to use your eye drops.

Your GP or eye doctor will tell you when you need to use them.

Using eye drops

This factsheet explains how to use eye drops.

How to use eye drops

Washing hands

Wash your hands with soap.

Eye drops

Shake the bottle of eye drops, then take off the lid.

A mirror

Sit or stand in front of a mirror.

Using eye drops

Lean your head back.

Pull down your bottom eyelid with one finger.

Hold the bottle with your other hand.

Bring the bottle up in front of your eye.

Using eye drops

Gently squeeze the bottle, a small drop should fall into your eye.

Be careful not to let the bottle touch your eye.

Closing eye

Close your eye gently.

Press softly on the inside corner of your eye for 1 minute.

5 minute timer

If you use different types of eye drop medicine, wait 5 minutes before putting in a different eye drop.

Using eye drops

It might take some time to learn how to use the eye drops.

Keep practising with your eye drops.

Each time will get easier.

Eye drop dispenser

If you find it difficult putting your eye drops in, you could use an eye drop dispenser.

Eye drop dispenser

You can try different types of eye drop dispenser.

Washing hands

Remember to wash your hands after using your eye drops.

Things to remember - Do's

Person with an idea

Do remember your eye drops.

Eye drops

Do remember to order more eye drops.

Contact lens

Do take out contact lenses before using eye drops.


Do try and take your eye drops at the same time every day.


Do check if your eye drops need to be stored in the fridge.

Things to remember - Don'ts

No drinking

Don't drink eye drops.

Person putting in eye drops

Don't stop using eye drops until the doctor says OK.

Person rubbing eyes

Don't rub eye drops on your eyes.

A person

Don't let other people use your eye drops for their eyes.


Don't use the drops after the use by date.

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This factsheet has been made by SeeAbility with the International Glaucoma Association.