Our impact in 2022-2023 easy read

Impact report 2022-2023


This is our impact report. 


It explains how we have made a difference to people’s lives over the past year


We are really excited to share all our hard work! 

4000 people

We have made a difference to over 4,000 people through our work.

CQC good rating

All of our homes are rated as good by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).


CQC are an organisation that decides how good support services are.

CQC inspectors

They make sure people are getting the right support.

2799 eye tests

We carried out 2,799 sight tests to children in special schools.

Rated good

Almost all families said our support was good or very good.


This is Jake.

Jake is supported by SeeAbility.

Jake and his supporters

Jake’s mum said:

“I am fortunate that Jake has found somewhere where it is good for him now.

Happy Jake

All the staff are lovely and I feel happy he is supported by SeeAbility.”

How we make a difference

More opportunities

We want to make sure people with learning disabilities get more opportunities and live better lives.


All our work is aimed at three goals:


1. Improving lives through good support.

Eye test

2. Making sure people get the eye care they need.


3. Supporting more people to be involved in society

Good support


We have continued supporting people to live exciting lives.


We opened up more homes in Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

Quality of Life

We started a plan called ‘Quality of Life’.


Quality of Life is helping people to decide what they want to do with their lives, and helping them to make plans.

Eye care

10x eye tests

People with learning disabilities are 10 times more likely to have eye problems.

Eye test

We have been carrying out eye tests in special schools.

Eye tests

We gave 528 children their first eye test.

Government support

We’ve been asking the government to continue supporting our work.

Eye care champions

We have a team called Eye Care Champions.


Eye Care Champions are people with disabilities.

Eye care

They help other people with disabilities get the eye care they need.

1000 people

This year, the Eye Care Champions worked with almost 1,000 adults with learning disabilities.

Supporting more people to be involved in society


We want people with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss to be in control of their lives.


We have a team of people with disabilities.

Speak up

They raise awareness and speak up about the changes they want to see in society.

11 people

The team now has 11 people.

Working together

They have worked with lots of organisations.


We also help people with disabilities to find jobs.

Ready Willing and Able

This is through our programme called Ready, Willing and Able.

21 jobs

In the past year, we helped 21 people with disabilities to find jobs.

Looking forward


Next year might be difficult for SeeAbility.


The whole country is struggling with money.


But we have lots of exciting plans and goals.

Quality of Life

We are excited to continue our Quality of Life plan.

Eye test

In London, we will have a new way for people with learning disabilities to find eye care.

It is called Easy Eye Care.


Our Ready Willing and Able programme will grow even more.


We will look at how we can better support people.

Happy worker

We will also look at how we can better support everyone who works for us.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has supported SeeAbility over the past year.