Two people wearing masks

SeeAbility's first Covid-19 vaccination!

This week Support Worker Sam, who works in our team in Guildford, was the first person at SeeAbility to get the initial Covid-19 vaccination jab.

She’s relieved that getting the vaccine will help her to protect the vulnerable people she’s supporting.

The team were contacted by the NHS to say that vaccinations were up and running at the Royal Surrey Hospital at Guildford, and Sam immediately signed up for a slot. She arrived at the hospital a couple of days later to get her first vaccination jab.

It’s really quite simple. You go along to the hospital and they have a designated place for you. You give confirmation of who you are - driving licence or passport - and proof that you work in social care. Then you’re introduced to the doctor who gives you the injection. It was so straightforward and everyone was so friendly. It was just a little scratch really!

She’s not experiencing any side effects apart from a slightly stiff arm, so feels completely safe and confident in the vaccine. 

I asked the doctor if he’d have the vaccine and he said he definitely would. That gave me a lot of confidence. If the medical profession are having it, then I’m happy to have it.

Since getting the vaccine, Sam feels happy that she’s now able to protect the people she’s supporting more effectively.

I really think it’s important for people in our profession to get it. I feel so relieved now that I’m able to protect the people I’m supporting, many of whom are extremely vulnerable. I also know that I’m protecting all my colleagues when I go into work.