Scott and two people

Scott's blog - I'm an award winner!

Well it has been a really emotional week.

SeeAbility and the University of Hertfordshire did a joint nomination and put me forward for the National Learning Disabilities and Autism Awards.

Last month I went to a judging day in Birmingham where I was asked lots of questions about how I had made a difference to people lives. I told the judges about different people I have worked with and talked about the training we do at SeeAbility.

I also told them about how I have changed student learning disability nurses practices and what I teach the students in my lectures.

I was just very proud to just get this far and I was looking forward to finals on the 14th July.

Awards night

The big day came and all the finalists came together in one room. There were 650 people that evening from across the country at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham.  

I still did not think I would win the award and I was just enjoying the evening. Sally Phillips hosted the evening and made us all laugh. Dance syndrome performed for us which was amazing and we then had a three course meal which was very nice.

The awards started and my category was ‘making a difference not for profit’ and it was up first. I don’t know why but I got very nervous. I had some big competition. I was up against some organisations in the category like MacIntyre Mencap, My Life My Choice and Future Directions.

I could not believe it but I won! It was amazing. My manager and my colleague at SeeAbility, Stephen, and Gamu who I teach with at the University of Hertfordshire came with me and said my face was a picture. I was walking up there I had tears in my eyes and for once in my life I was speechless.

Scott and two people


I'm really happy with some of the nice things people have said. Here is what the judges said about me.

Scott is an inspiration, working tirelessly to champion a better service for people with learning disabilities in the community. Overcoming many obstacles they have trained and empowered people to understand their rights and get the service they deserve.

My twitter and Facebook has been going nuts since I won here are some of the amazing comments I received:

I would like to finish by saying thank you for the comments you are all amazing for the support you give me. I now need to make sure I keep going with making a difference to people lives.

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