Scott's blog - Get it right green paper

My thoughts on the ‘green paper’ on social care that has been promised since 2017.

People with a disability should be able to live their life in the way they choose, like anyone else. For so many people having social care to support you to keep your independence is vital.

But the social care safety net has stopped existing for many people with learning disabilities of my age. We’ve seen cuts after cuts to care and support services as well as other community services, like advocacy.

It’s so sad because in the long run it means people and their families end up in crisis. We have all seen the horror stories of younger people with learning disabilities and/or autism locked away in hospitals.

Fixing social care has never been more urgent but it keeps getting delayed.

At SeeAbility we want to voice our concerns about the way that social care is seen by society, so we’re announcing ten calls for social care reform.

We have to start with human rights for disabled people, ensuring we have a voice and as much right to a good life as anyone else. We need to value the people that work in social care too.

That means funding and we want to see this dealt with nationally, so that the money social care gets is protected.

The bottom line is we want to see social care given as much love and attention as the NHS. Is that too much to ask? Enough is enough.

Read more about SeeAbility’s calls for social care reform including our easy read statement.