Our new associates team

Meet SeeAbility’s newest team!

Hello everyone! Emily, Gabby and Greg here - we’re the newest team at SeeAbility – the Associates team. We have lived experience of different disabilities. We hope you’ll be hearing a lot more from us in the future if you, like us, are passionate about making society more inclusive.

We’re being mentored by our manager Scott Watkin and are looking forward to learning new skills in campaigning, public speaking and leadership so we can help change society for the better. We don’t want to be spoken for, we have our own voice and want to be heard and that’s why we’re so pleased to be writing our first blog.

In the last couple of weeks we met as a team and talked about our experiences. We all have things to share which we hope will make life better for others who have learning disabilities, who are autistic or who have sight loss - and we’re keen to let MPs know how they can support SeeAbility’s work too.

So here is our ‘mini manifesto’ and we’ve sent this on to all the major parties so they know what we're campaigning for:

We want our Government to:

• Act urgently to make social care about the right to have a good life, which means providing more funding and reforming social care at a national level
• Make travelling about and public spaces and buildings more accessible for disabled people
• Challenge attitudes and raise awareness so people with different disabilities can get the support they need, including into work
• Support the NHS plan to bring sight tests into England’s special schools, as well as improving eye care services nationally for children and adults who have learning disabilities or who are autistic

We hope all MPs will work together to make inclusion a reality for people who have learning disabilities or who are autistic.

Emily, Gabby and Greg