It's our 220th birthday!

It's our 220th birthday!

Since our founding in 1799 to the present day, we have strived to support people who have learning disabilities, who are autistic or who have sight loss, to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

We are privileged to see ambition and perseverance every day.  The people we support overcome huge barriers to achieve exciting new things – some big, some small, but all extraordinary.

We have always stood up for those who might have been underestimated or misunderstood. And we have always seen the potential for people with disabilities to make a meaningful contribution to their communities. 

In a society increasingly characterised by social division and uncertainty, our ambition is for greater inclusion where people with learning disabilities can participate as equal citizens.

This belief drives us with the same sense of ambition to go out and make it happen – not just for the benefit of the people we support but also for society as a whole.

Whatever we do – whether it’s providing ambitious support, creating opportunities for people in their local communities or inspiring ambassadors to champion inclusion – we do it because we see ability.

If you want to join our movement to make society more inclusive and welcoming for all, please contact:

Desiree D'Souza - Director of Partnerships and Social Impact

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