Be happy

Inspiring stories from SeeAbility during Covid-19

We've been so inspired and overwhelmed with amazing stories from our homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to hear how we're keeping well, staying connected, continuing to do the things we normally would (but in a different way!) and how we're looking out for one another.

How we're keeping well with exercise, active bodies and mindsA woman in a chair

We absolutely love seeing all the things people we support are doing to carry on with life:

Kirsten is still able to have her music therapy all thanks to Skype! Kirsten sent us some wise words to share:

It’s always good to keep dancing through these tough times! Stay safe!

Staying positive

Ian and Julie in Exeter really enjoyed creating a poster about being happy and positive in their first session of a new weekly art club. It is now proudly displayed on the wall for all to see and stay mindful and positive. We hope it makes you smile and reminds you to stay positive!

Staying connected and reducing isolation

Andrew, someone we support in Ashtead had his birthday in lockdown, but that didn't stop him from having a party with all his friends and family. Our team made sure he could celebrate in style by holding a Facetime party for him! Great thinking outside the box!

For Andrew’s birthday we held our first virtual birthday party with 25 guests via Facetime. Everyone had an amazing time and Andrew’s parents were delighted!

We're continuing to do the things we ordinarily would – but in a different way!

In Banbury, our front line key workers are going above and beyond, showing immense creativity in their efforts to keep people well and stay mentally healthy, in spite of the challenging lockdown conditions.

Since lockdown began, staff have been creative in how they support people to understand why they can’t get out and enjoy normal life, doing the things they ordinarily would – but in a different way!

Jonny normally goes out regularly to buy a toy - as he can’t do this anymore, we’ve created a ‘car boot sale’ on these days to keep some routine in his life. It’s also a great opportunity for him to practise counting money. He’s been loving it - take that coronavirus!

It's so important to look out for one another at the moment.

A man standing in a room

Our teams and some people we support are going above and beyond and contributing towards the national efforts to stay safe and look out for each other. 

Louis, who we support in Bristol, received a huge supply of food as he was listed as a vulnerable person. He realised he had way too much and decided to give it away to a local community group to give out in his local community. Daniel, the manager of the supported living service who supports Louis, said:

This selfless act is very much in keeping with Louis’ character, a kind and thoughtful gentleman. It’s fantastic to see a community working together.

Read more about the story here

Going above and beyond

Jade, one of our senior support workers, recently made an incredible sacrifice to do what it takes to stand by the people she supports. Jade recently told us:

I knew if I couldn’t come into work, people would be supported by someone they didn’t know – which would only add to their distress. I had to do my part to keep them safe and minimise their risk of coming into contact with the virus. I’m a single mum and while it’s been a difficult decision, I decided to send my daughter to live with my sister who lives 60 miles away – I know she is happy and safe there – so that I can do my part to keep people we support safe.