Grace, our eye care champion

Grace's blog - coping with uncertainty

Grace is someone we support in supported living in Maidstone. She also has a paid job as one of our Eye Care Champions, raising awareness of the extra eye health needs of people with learning disabilities.

Below there is a full transcription for anyone with hearing loss.

Hi all.

My name is Grace McGill and I've been affected by COVID-19. I'm affected because I can't do what I would normally do and I'm finding it difficult emotionally as well.

What I find most difficult is that everywhere in the world is closed and I don't really know how long this is going to last. And I'm also struggling a great deal not being able to see my sister. I'm not in Maidstone at the moment, but I'm sure I'd find it incredibly hard if I was, because I wouldn't be allowed to go and see my mum and dad, which would have been quite difficult.

Generally I'm usually quite active, go out, do this this, do a lot, and I'm finding it very hard to adjust to not doing a huge amount.