Equal right to sight campaign

We know that thousands of people with learning disabilities are missing out on potentially life-changing eye tests, despite having an alarmingly high level of sight problems. We successfully campaigned for national change so that people with learning disabilities receive a better system of eye care, starting in school.

Our model of eye testing in special schools is recommended by eye care professional bodies, as it is less stressful for children who have learning disabilities or are autistic, reduces the time they miss from school and incorporates glasses dispensing, as well as repairs.

Through our Equal right to sight campaign we have provided over 4,000 eye care appointments and over 2,000 pairs of glasses to children in London, Manchester and Durham. We have also provided training on eye care and vision for hundreds of teaching staff.

The campaign resulted in a report on special schools, A Change in Sight, and a change in national policy from NHS England, who committed to introducing a similar programme in special schools in England. Read more about NHS England’s Special School Eye Care Service.

We are still working on some of these calls for reform including getting a better community eye care scheme up and running for people with learning disabilities, as well as ensuring everyone with a learning disability is automatically entitled to an NHS eye test, as a group at very high risk of having a sight problem.