Easy Read Strategy 2022-2027

Our plan for the next five years

James Ware

SeeAbility was set up over 200 years ago by people who had big dreams for people with disabilities.


It’s now more than 200 years later, but we still have big dreams.

Working together

We worked with people we support, their families and people who work at SeeAbility to make a plan for the next five years.


We wanted to make sure everyone had their say to tell us what their goals and dreams are.

Person with power

We’re calling for three changes:

  • A change in who has power.
  • A change so people can go for their dreams and ambitions.
Making a choice
  • A change in who makes choices in people’s lives.
Everyone being included

We want to lead this change so we can help make everyone feel included in the world.

Our new values


Respect is our starting point.

Person imagining

We spark imagination.

Group of people

We learn together to be our best.

Friends doing a thumbs up

We believe in each other.

Happy people


We support people to live their best life.

Person talking and listening

We’ve listened to what people want in their life.


This might be to try new things, learn new skills, have a job or make relationships.

People hugging

Supporting people to live, love, thrive and belong.

Happy person

We will support people to live their best lives by:

Choosing a home
  • Supporting people to live where they want to, with choice and control over how they live their lives.
  • Learning more about how we can keep getting better at providing the best support.
Ready Willing and Able
  • Supporting more people to have a job through supported employment.
Using a computer
  • Supporting more people to learn digital and in-person skills, confidence and connection.
Eye test
  • Pushing for change so that more people have access to the eye care they need.
Happy people

All of the things we want to do under our theme of Excellence will support people to have the best life possible.



We will make a community where people love to come to live and work and are supported to do their best.

Happy supporter

Everyone who works at SeeAbility wants to make a difference in people’s lives.

Happy person at work

We want to make sure everyone who works at SeeAbility feels valued and happy at work.

Good wellbeing

We want everyone to feel supported in their mental and physical health.

Working as a team

We also want to make sure that our teams have the best people in them.

Happy community

We will make a positive community at SeeAbility by:

  • Celebrating people’s good work that makes a difference.
Staff team support
  • Making sure our support teams can make changes themselves to improve people’s support.
  • Increasing our pay and benefits to show people who work at SeeAbility that they are valued.
Group hugging
  • Taking care of each other.
  • Making sure more people can get training and move forward in their careers.
Happy people

We will make SeeAbility into a place where people can thrive, learn from mistakes and support each other to be our best.

Group discussion

We will make sure all colleagues have a greater say in how SeeAbility is run.

Happy boss

All of the things we want to do under our theme of Community will mean we know people are their best selves at work.

Person getting a job


We will keep working towards a future full of opportunity for people we support and our colleagues.

People in their home

We want to support more people to live ordinary lives, in their own home, doing what they enjoy with people they love to be with.

Choosing a home

We will provide more opportunities for people to leave hospital and live the lives they want.

Zoom meeting

We also want to use more technology to work together more quickly and easily.

Easy read

Technology will also mean we can make accessibility better for people we support and people who work at SeeAbility.


We will support people to have more choice and opportunities by:

New home
  • Opening new homes in new areas to support more people.
  • Do our homework and find new ways of helping people achieve their goals.
Thinking about money
  • Making long term decisions about our money so we can grow more.
Charity money
  • Growing our fundraising and volunteering teams so we have more money and opportunities for people we support.
The earth
  • Thinking about how we can make our impact on the environment smaller.
Thumbs up

All of the things we want to do under our theme of Transformation will mean we can provide more and better support for people.

Speaking up


People with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss will be heard and seen as equals.


The people we support are at the heart of everything we do.

Listening to people

We will listen to the voices of people we support, their families and our colleagues, no matter how they communicate.


We will also make SeeAbility a place where all our colleagues feel welcome and included.

Speaking up

We will make sure people’s voices are heard by:

People with lived experience
  • Making sure our goals as a charity are decided by people with lived experience and our colleagues.
Self advocacy
  • Supporting people with disabilities to grow in confidence and leadership skills, to speak up for themselves and others.
Speaking up
  • We will act on the voices of people with lived experience of disability, so they can be heard even louder.
Accessible text
  • Championing accessibility, both within SeeAbility and by calling for change in other organisations.
Inclusive workplace
  • Making SeeAbility an inclusive place to work, so more people from diverse backgrounds, abilities, and identities feel supported to work for us.
Hiring person
  • Hiring Experts by Experience, who will support us to keep improving.
Happy people

It’s so important that everyone feels that they belong and their opinion matters.


All of the things we want to do under our theme of Voice will mean that people will be heard.