Easy read Impact Report 2021-2022

Impact Report 2021-2022


This is a report about how we made a difference in 2021 and early 2022. 

258 people and their homes

We supported 258 people in their homes. 

14000 people

We reached over 14,000 people with programmes like Ready, Willing and Able, Creating Connections and our eye care work. 

Easy read report

You can read more about them in this report.


84 percent of people we support say that we’re helping them to develop their skills. 

Ambitious and creative support

A team

We have expert teams who can support people with their individual needs. 

Working together

We have vision rehabilitation workers and behaviour consultants who work together to help people learn new life skills. 

Choosing a home

We use positive behaviour support, which has helped people move out of hospitals and into their own homes. 

CGC good rating

All of our homes and support services are rated as Good. 

9/10 happy people

9 in 10 people we support say our support is Good or Very Good. 


96 percent of family and friends said we have done a good job in keeping people safe from Covid. 

David Baikie

David is someone we support.  

Thumbs up

We supported him to become more confident. 

Less medication

We also helped him to reduce the medication he was using. 

Benefitting from preventative services

Short time

We think that it is best to deal with problems early on.

Eye test

Our eye care team help people to get help with their sight before problems get worse. 


We won an award for convincing the NHS to give sight tests to all children in special schools. 

School eye test

There are 29 special schools supported by our eye care team. 

3000 children

That means over 3000 children.

Adult learning about eye care

We helped over 11,000 adults with learning disabilities to understand eye care. 


James is a child who goes to a special school. 

Blurry vision

Our eye care team gave him an eye test and found out that he had really poor sight. 


We gave James glasses and now he is able to take part in more at school. 


Ben is someone we support.

Sign language

He is deaf, so we recruited support workers who were also deaf so he could communicate with them using sign language. 

Participating in society


We want people with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss to take part in their communities. 

Creating Connections

Our Creating Connections programme helps people to learn how to use phones and computers so they can get involved online. 

Using a computer

Last year, we helped 2,375 people with learning disabilities learn new digital skills. 

Care worker using a computer

We taught digital skills to 842 people who work in social care. 


Chris is someone we support. 

No smart phone

He likes to connect with friends but has never had a smartphone.

Video call

We helped Chris buy his first smartphone and now he can speak to his friends all the time.

Ready Willing and Able

Our Ready, Willing and Able programme helps people with disabilities to get jobs. 


Beatrix is someone we helped to find work. 


She now works as a waitress in a really good restaurant in Bristol.


We have lots of helpful guides on our website to help people looking for work. 

Person with a CV

We are helping over 60 people to find jobs.


Our volunteers help us to make a big difference. 

Phone call

During the pandemic, volunteers arranged telephone calls so they could stay in touch with people they support.

Speaking up

Our engagement team helps people with disabilities speak out about the issues that matter to them. 


Emily was part of the engagement team. 

Emily at SeeAbility

Emily spoke out about what it means for people with disabilities to live a good life.

Happy supporter

We have started supporting people in an exciting new way. 

People in a house

In Redhill, the supported living houses are mixed together with other houses. 

People with disabilities

This means people with disabilities are included more than ever.

Person comforting a person

We want to support our colleagues with their mental health. 


We now have wellbeing coaches, who help their teams to look after their mental health. 

Looking ahead


We have an exciting new plan for the next five years. 

4 goals

We have four important aims: 

A supporter
  • We want to support people to live their best life. 
Happy staff
  • We want people who work at SeeAbility to be supported to do their best. 
Person with sight loss at work
  • We want people with disabilities to have more opportunities. 
Speaking up
  • We want people with disabilities to speak out about what matters to them. 
Excited person

We are really excited about the future! 

Person saying thank you

Thank you for reading this report.