Summer appeal wall of support

Thank you to our generous supporters for donating to our summer appeal. Your support will help us continue to break down barriers and make inclusion a reality for everyone we support like Emily.

Here are some of the lovely messages we've received with people's donations. Thank you to all our supporters.

Sending you best wishes and hoping you have a lovely Summer.

I am pleased to support SeeAbility with a £10 gift as my youngest great grandson who is only 6 years old suffers from Autism.

God bless you in all you do. Good, better, best. Never shall I rest until my good is better and my better is best. Jill.

Dear Emily Stewart, thank you for your lovely letter. It goes to show what a lovely lady like you can do. Well done.

Keeping trying. Don’t expect immediate results. You will succeed eventually.

On some days, storm clouds gather, and it can become very dark. And then the rain starts but on special days the sun appears and there is a rainbow that brings hope for the future. Good Luck and best best wishes.

Dear Emily, I am so pleased that you have got a paid job. I hope that you continue to progress in your efforts.

My prayers are with you, amaze yourself and everyone else.

I was delighted to read about the progress made by people with a range of disabilities who have been helped by SeeAbility. My Christian faith helps me to recognise all people as equal. Keep up the good work, in the name of Jesus Christ.

I hope SeeAbility helps to make things better and brighter in the future.

Always remember there are many people thinking how much you are in their thoughts and wishing you well.

I have been part disabled for over 50 years, but have had a job to go to. Never give up. Keep going. Do your best.

Hello everyone, it was so nice to read Emily’s letter today and have the opportunity to help SeeAbility again.

Dear Emily, I wish you and all your friends in your community every success in your ambitions.

Keep believing in yourself and every day, will see you make progress.

Aim for the stars, you’ll enjoy the climb - with best wishes.

With prayers for the help and the hope you give to those you serve.

We’re still thinking of you.

This appeal is supported by

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Many thanks to the Family Building Society for providing match funding for our Summer Appeal. From sponsoring our inclusive trek in Morocco to volunteering at our services, the Family Building Society has been supporting SeeAbility since 2018 to help us achieve our vision for inclusive communities where people with learning disabilities participate as equal citizens.