For the last four years, we have been campaigning for national change so that people with learning disabilities receive a better system of eye care. 

We now know thousands of people with learning disabilities are missing out on potentially life-changing sight tests, despite having an alarmingly high level of sight problems.

We’ve been delivering specialist sight tests in a number of special schools as part of our Children in Focus project and in 2018 we produced our new report on four years of findings.

We set out our evidence on why we want to see national change happen in our bigger report ‘Delivering an Equal Right to Sight’ in 2016. You can view and download these reports which document our milestones and findings on the Reports and research page.


National change is needed

There is no national plan to meet people with learning disabilities eye care needs. just some of the things we are calling on NHS England to do are:

  • Fund a new community eye care pathway for people with learning disabilities so people know where they can go for a sight test, wherever they live.

  • Make sure all people with learning disabilities are eligible for NHS sight tests, as other high-risk groups already are, such as those with a family history of glaucoma.

  • Make specialist sight tests and glasses dispensing standard practice in special schools.


Join in campaigning

For more information and support contact Donna O’Brien (Policy, Public Affairs and Research Officer) on 01372 755 063 or email: d.o’[email protected]