Adults with learning disabilities are more likely to have sight problems yet less likely to get the right eye care they need.

Susie, who now lives at SeeAbility’s service in Surrey, has had cataracts developing for a number of years, but she and her family had been told at eye checks that an operation would not improve her quality of life. Susie’s family however, didn’t feel this would be the case.

After talking to Deanne, one of SeeAbility’s Vision Rehabilitation specialists, she asked the in-house eye care team to look at Susie’s eyes. They found that Susie had centralised cataracts, she could barely see in the middle of her eyes, only through the sides. This was a serious problem.

Together with Susie’s family, Deanne wrote a letter to Susie’s GP, pushing for Susie to have the life-changing cataract operation.

After years of being denied the treatment, Susie finally received her referral to have surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. When the day arrived, an Eye Surgery Support Plan was put into place to ensure Susie was at ease, her support worker Jess, held her hand as she went into theatre.

The procedure was a great success. Within weeks, Deanne could see how much Susie had changed.

‘I couldn’t believe the difference! Before, Susie's knuckles were always covered in cuts and bruises from constantly bumping her wheelchair into the walls and doorways around the house. Now there isn’t a single cut on her hand!’

Susie can now see her world more clearly; she is able to communicate much more easily, she can’t stop looking at herself in the mirror and has taken up a new hobby – painting!