Frequently asked questions for participants

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How are you providing support during Covid-19?

We are working in line with government guidelines. We can provide support online via Zoom, Skype, video calls or phone calls and adapt your needs.

Am I eligible to join the programme?

The programme operates on a zero rejection policy. If you have a learning disability or are autistic and are motivated and want to work, you can register your interest.

Can you support me with different employment opportunities?

We support individuals on their journey to paid employment, which sometimes can be initiated by volunteering, work placements, apprenticeships or internships.

Where will I meet my supported employment coach?

We are able to meet in public spaces such as coffee shops, libraries and parks or alternatively in our SeeAbility offices. We may also meet on video calls.

What if I can’t attend my supported employment appointment?

If you are unable to attend or need to rearrange, please let your supported employment coach know before the meeting by phoning, texting or emailing.

How long will it take for me to gain employment?

This will vary person to person, as it will rely on you actively engaging in employment searches and local opportunities. Although there is no guaranteed time frame, we aim to start supporting you to look for employment at the earliest stage possible, if you feel comfortable.

How will paid employment impact my benefits?

Our employment coaches will discuss how your benefits may be affected depending on the hours you choose to work. We can signpost and support you to access information from Citizens Advice.

For more information visit: RWA - Your benefits and employment

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