South London


  • Very methodical 
  • Task focused with an attention to detail 
  • A quick learner 

Dream career 

  • Working with data, ideally in an office 
  • Developing skills in IT 

Mark, why are you ready to work? 

For me, working and having a career is about having a good quality of life and having purpose. I want to get out and meet new people, do new activities and learn new things. I’m ready to be more independent and make my own money without having to rely on benefits. 

What makes you different? 

My very good memory makes me unique. I pay close attention to everything and can remember specific details and information about matters when others might not. This makes me a very quick learner and I can quickly get used to new tasks or opportunities. 

Tell us about your journey to employment so far. 

I’m on the autism spectrum and I have found it difficult to find work because of this. That’s not right though. I want to see everyone with autism get the career they want to have. 

What Mark’s supported employment coach thinks. 

Mark has a huge passion for technology – be it doing productive tasks like data entry, or leisurely activities like playing video games. He really wants to be more independent, leaving his home more often and applying his administrative skills to a business in a focused and methodical way. Every business needs someone like Mark. He can reliably deliver data analysis and perform administrative tasks, and with his high level of determination and desire to see more companies embrace inclusivity, he will be an asset to any team. 

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