East Sussex


  • Very caring and supportive of others 
  • Advocate for inclusion, equity and change 
  • Enjoys interviewing and meeting new people 

Dream career 

  • Wants to help people and make a difference  
  • Passion for advocacy - could work in journalism or politics 

Emily, why are you ready to work? 

I want employers to put people's disability to one side and focus on the person, and the amazing skills and abilities that they have to offer. I think that people believe that just because someone has a disability, this means they can't work, but actually they can. That’s what motivates me to work. I want to achieve my goals like everyone else can.  

What makes you different? 

My faith makes me different and I live by the values taught through my Christian faith. Going to church has built my love for singing and music. I have a great memory and, whilst others may struggle to recognize hymns or songs, I know them off by heart and can quickly recite the lyrics, even if the song doesn't start at the beginning. 

Tell us about your journey to employment so far. 

My employment journey started by working as a voluntary Associate at SeeAbility. This helped me to gain a variety of skills, such as working with new people as part of the team and understanding different people’s abilities. I then became an Influencer for the charity, but it wasn’t without challenges! The role has allowed me to gain confidence, meet people of all abilities and backgrounds and develop as a person. I’m now ready for my next challenge. 

What Emily’s supported employment coach thinks of her. 

Emily is a very compassionate person who works tirelessly to ensure that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else. Her work as an Influencer has led her to speak at large events, sharing the work of SeeAbility and our message of inclusivity. She is confident and approachable, and has time for everyone she meets. Emily will excel at anything she does but deserves to have a career where she can make a real difference. 

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