Will you help make inclusion a reality this summer?

My name is Emily, I have limited mobility and no eye sight, so a lot of people thought I would never get a paid job. But I have proved everyone wrong.

As we look forward to the end of lockdown, I want to share some good news! This year, at the age of 34, I’ve achieved something that I’m incredibly proud of. I have my first ever paid job, as an Influencer at SeeAbility.

Growing up with cerebral palsy, a condition that impacts my mobility, and hydrocephalus, which affects my thoughts and behaviour, many people around me thought I would never get a job. But I didn’t give up – I was determined to prove everyone wrong.

As I’m sure you know, finding your first job is never easy. For people with learning disabilities, it becomes almost impossible when the only thing employers see is your disability. Please consider a gift of £30 and join us in standing for an inclusive society. Every penny you give from now until 30 July will be doubled by the Family Building Society up to £2,500, so your kind gift will make twice the impact.

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The support that I’ve received from SeeAbility over the past 14 years has helped me discover how I can overcome barriers and live my life to the fullest, doing the things I love. For example, I’m passionate about helping more people like me get a better quality of life and a greater voice in society. So, alongside others with lived experience, SeeAbility offered me a voluntary role as an Associate in their Engagement team. Being an Associate was my first step onto the employment ladder. Not only did it help me to understand and communicate with people better, but it also gave me the confidence to challenge and advocate for issues I care about. Issues like making sure the voices of people with learning disabilities are heard.

We all want to live in an inclusive society where every voice matters and all opportunities are accessible to everyone. Did you know that 65% of people with learning disabilities want to work, but only 6% are in paid employment? Your gift of £50 could help SeeAbility to continue to remove social barriers and enable more people like me to have a voice and challenge the status quo.

Like you, I’m excited by the possibilities of no longer being in lockdown; hugging my family again and doing the things I love without social restrictions. While this will soon be an exciting reality for most of us, for far-too-many people in my community social exclusion will continue to be a harsh reality.

We can all play an active role in changing this reality, making communities more inclusive and opportunities more accessible for everyone. If you can, please support our Summer Appeal by making a donation. Whatever you give will go twice as far and will help us to make inclusion a reality for more people like me.

Thank you,

Emily Stewart
SeeAbility Influencer 

(This letter has been written by Emily with support)

P.S. You can also leave a message of support with your donation, which will be shared with everyone in my community who might still be feeling isolated and lonely after lockdown. Your message will help build confidence and will be shared in the most accessible way for each person. Read our wall of support so far


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Many thanks to the Family Building Society for providing match funding for our Summer Appeal. From sponsoring our inclusive trek in Morocco to volunteering at our services, the Family Building Society has been supporting SeeAbility since 2018 to help us achieve our vision for inclusive communities where people with learning disabilities participate as equal citizens.