What’s it all about? 

SeeAbility Week takes place 9-15th October 2017. With World Sight Day on 12th October, the week is all about focusing on the importance of eye health, in a world where 80% of sight loss is preventable. 

Imagine if you had a serious problem with your eyes but couldn’t tell anyone? This was 11-year-old Lana’s reality before SeeAbility was there to help.

We’d love you and your colleagues to take three simple steps to think about looking after your eyes. By doing this, you’ll also be showing your support for people with learning disabilities and autism, who often struggle to communicate and are also far more likely to have sight loss.


Step 1 

Learn about the importance of eye care in the workplace. 

Did you know that the average adult now spends between 7-9 hours a day in front of a screen? That's even longer than most of us sleep!

Digital eyestrain has become commonplace, with many of us suffering from symptoms such as headaches, eye fatigue and dry eyes.

Our guide contains more useful information like this which we hope will inform, inspire and change your perceptions about eye care. Please share these with your colleagues and get them thinking about it too!


Step 2 

Get your office to try out our simple 20-20-20 Rule for one day which if then continued regularly, will help to protect your eyes.

Every 20 minutes, look 20ft or more away (6 metres) for 20 seconds – it gives your eyes a break and helps increase your blinking rate


Step 3 

  • Wear your glasses or sunglasses t
  • Take a photo
  • Donate £2 by texting EYES21 £2 to 70070
  • Join our social media campaign by posting your selfie with #GetYourGlassesOn

Your selfie could help us provide vital sight tests for children with learning disabilities and autism, who are 28 times more likely to have a problem with their eyes but less likely to get the help they need.

Download our full guide to SeeAbility Week 2017


Get involved in SeeAbility Week and win a year’s supply* of dry eye drops!

We’re delighted that Thea Pharmaceuticals is supporting SeeAbility Week with a donation of a year’s supply of Thealoz Duo eye drops which will be awarded to the company that gets most involved with SeeAbility Week through #GetYourGlassesOn, fundraising, and sharing messages about eye health.

Thealoz Duo is a unique preservative free formulation that protects, hydrates and lubricates – perfect for looking after your eyes in the workplace.

*Based on 50 employees receiving 12x 5ml packs.


Why Support SeeAbility?

Our vision is to enable the extraordinary every day.

Adults and children with learning disabilities and autism are more likely to have a serious sight problem but less likely to get the eye care they need. Through our ambitious and comprehensive support services, we provide education and training on eye care that helps people realise their goals each and every day.

We are also working to change outcomes for the next generation by providing sight tests for children in special schools, many of whom have never had a test before. SeeAbility works to improve eye care and avoidable sight loss for thousands of adults and children with learning disabilities and autism across the UK.

Do something extraordinary today. The money you raise will make a difference. 

See how your money could help


Get in contact 

If you would more information about how you and your workplace can get involved with SeeAbility Week 2017, contact our Partnership Executive, Rebecca Compton, on 01372 755 065 or email [email protected] 


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