What’s the latest with the new strategy?

Thank you for contributing your ideas about how SeeAbility can improve.

All of your ideas and opinions have been taken on board.  Staff contributions have been carefully considered and have shaped the strategy which is currently in the draft process.  The strategy will be signed off by SeeAbility’s Board or Trustees or Council soon.

SeeAbility Survey statistics:

  • 77% strongly agree that we should be better known for the work we do.
  • 88% would recommend us to a friend.

Thanks to everyone who helped the people we support to share their opinion. An overview of the respondents can be seen below:

Here is a timeline of past and upcoming events:

2016 12th October - SpeakEasy group 25th October - Denecroft Staff Meeting 12th November - Staff Forum 28th November - Trustees / Council meeting 29th November - HR Team Meeting 30th November - Bradbury House coffee morning 5th December - Speakeasy meeting 6th December - Epsom office collaboration 7th December - South West Service Managers Meeting 12th December - Speakeasy meeting 13th and 14th December - SeeAbility Leadership Team (SLT) Strategy Days:

2017 10th January - Heather House and Battens Disease Strategy Day 11th January - Trustee Strategy Day 28th February - Operations Management Group (OMG) meeting 29th March - Trustees / Council Draft Strategy July - Managers and Heads of Departments Strategy Launch conference

Who is going to make the final decision on what is in the new strategy? Is this just a rubber-stamping exercise and you just want people to endorse your proposals?

Lisa has gathered all the ideas together and has been testing out the options with various people, teams and groups around the organisation in spring 2017. Next, the draft strategy will go to SeeAbility’s Board of Trustees or Council in May. They are ultimately the decision makers and owners of the strategy.

Are you planning to change the name SeeAbility or change the logo?

We are open to anything and nothing is outside the scope of what we will look at. Nor is there a secret agenda to change our name, merge with other organisations or rebrand with a new logo.

Is this a cost-cutting exercise hidden behind the new strategy consultation?

No. Because of steps taken in the past we are in a healthy financial position. This is not a back-door restructure.

Our public health work and profile raising activities have really put us on the map. This strategy consultation and development is about opportunities to be the best we can for the people we support, their families and people with learning disabilities who need access to good eye care.

Will we continue to support people with sight loss?


Supporting people with sight loss is part of our charitable objects (our Memorandum and Articles) and has been our core purpose as a charity for over 200 years. It would take a long time, considerable expense and legal fees for us to change why and who we exist to support.


If you have a question contact:

Lisa Hopkins (CEO) on 07720 070 523 or email [email protected]

Moira McMillan (Head of Marketing and Communications) on 01372 755 057 / 07860 945 908 or email [email protected]