Sadick is in his twenties and lives at the SeeAbility support service in Surbiton. He can’t communicate verbally, but he has recently started using eye gaze technology – and he and his support team are excited by its potential. Norma from SeeAbility tells us more about Sadick below.

Before he came here, Sadick went into hospital frequently because his care wasn’t right. He eats through a tube and you have to be very careful when you handle it – you need very good hygiene control. Sadick would get lots of infections and he’d have to go to hospital. But since he started getting the right support here, he’s never been in hospital.

There have been great changes in Sadick. He’s much more relaxed because he doesn’t have all these issues going on. He’s content because he’s got people who love him. His mother is relaxed too – she trusts us and knows her son is getting good care.  

Sadick is the first person here to use eye-gaze technology. It helps him make choices around activities like watching motor racing or going to the cinema. We want to do to more to improve Sadick’s communication though it, like help him make a sentence like ‘I want to go to the lounge’.

Sadick is going to Euro Disney this summer. A support worker who knows Sadick very well suggested it and Sadick agreed. It’s one of the goals in his support plan.

At SeeAbility, we believe in one thing – to do things right. We want to keep improving. We keep on searching for solutions and try to find out what more we can do for the people we support.