Had I been offered this placement four years ago, I would have turned it down. I had no confidence in myself – I wouldn’t even have walked down to the shop on my own. SeeAbility’s support changed everything – not just practically, but emotionally as well.

Just like any young adult, Grace wants to build a successful career and contribute to society.

Grace also has a learning disability and sight loss and so SeeAbility has been supporting her to learn new skills and build her independence, so that she can feel confident about following her ambitions.

Every step has seen Grace move closer to her goal. She loves meeting new people which has led her to volunteer as a mentor for people who have drug and alcohol addictions.

Grace McGill smiling with support worker

Grace’s next step is to find a paid job and we’ve been working on this too, together with our partners at the Bank of England.

We’ve helped colleagues at the Bank learn more about learning disabilities and sight loss and when they recently offered Grace a week’s work experience placement at their offices in London, we helped the team understand how best to support Grace during her time there.

With SeeAbility’s support, Grace has just completed this week - experiencing office life and working on a presentation to her host team, which gave them powerful insight into how they might become more accessible and encourage more applicants with disabilities to work at the Bank.

For Grace, this is just the beginning of her journey. She knows now that she is capable of extraordinary things and we hope that a paid role is right around the corner for this talented young woman.