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Our huge thanks go to everyone who took part in the satisfaction survey earlier this year and shared their experience of SeeAbility’s support for their relative or friend. It has been incredibly moving to read some of that feedback, and every bit helps us improve the services that SeeAbility provides to your relatives and others.


We asked people what they like most about the support their relative or friend receives from SeeAbility. One parent wrote:

The peace of mind we have in knowing that our son is well cared for by a team of carers dedicated to ensuring his mental and physical needs are met, all in his own home in a safe and secure environment.

Other strong themes this year are improvements in how people feel about inclusion, with increased satisfaction with the support that enables people to be actively involved in the community, doing the things they enjoy. One person we support told us about the effect SeeAbility’s support has had:

It’s had a good impact, I'm becoming more independent, also trying out new things, going out different places.

Staffing and continuity in support was a theme some of you rightly raised along with comments about how your feedback, concerns and complaints are acted on. Going forward, we’ll be looking closely at workforce wellbeing and pay along with how we can improve the recruitment and retention of staff. We’ll also be looking at what improvements need to be made to ensure that you are kept informed and our communication channels are open with you about your loved ones.   

Some of the most dramatic rises in satisfaction have been in supporting people to keep in touch with family and friends. Although this is a continuous process, we will continue to maintain our focus on supporting greater social connections, developing skills and making new friends for people we support because we’re absolutely determined that the comments of one parent about their family member become the norm:

He is settled and happy…he loves spending time with staff and going out with volunteers - it gives him independence.


Please do discuss any interest or ideas you have in any of these areas with the Manager of the service where your relative or friend is supported.