Leon getting an eye test

Leon's story

Leon found it very difficult to get his eyes tested in a local opticians and the hospital eye clinic because they didn't make enough reasonable adjustments for his autism.

Making time for Leon

But we tested Leon's sight in his special school, even going into his classroom and carrying ‘acclimatisation visits’ that involved showing Leon different parts of the eye test on his teaching assistant. If it wasn’t a good time for him, they would return another day.

We quickly realised that Leon didn’t like tests involving people getting very close to his face. Using retinoscopy - shining a light into Leon’s eye from a distance and judging the level of refractive error - they found he needed a -5.00D prescription. He couldn’t see clearly beyond 20cm from his face.

SeeAbility had to help Leon get used to his glasses, and we replace any broken pairs as they are often the first thing he can grab if he gets anxious. So far he has gone through almost 20 pairs, but it’s ok because SeeAbility’s dispensing optician is often in school to supply replacement and backup glasses. 

Leon getting an eye test

"I’ve noticed how much calmer he is. He’s more confident and a lot more sociable than before. He used to sit very close to the television and hold objects right up to his face."

- Leon's mum

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