Our aim is to enable all the people here to live the most independent lives possible.

Thirty-five-year-old Julie is a keen singer, dancer and baker and has her own flat at SeeAbility’s supported living service in Exeter. Thanks to SeeAbility team, her health and well-being are the best they’ve ever been.  

Julie has a visual impairment and cerebral palsy and is a full-time wheelchair user. When she went to see her GP last month for an annual health check the doctor said she’d never seen her looking so bright and happy. Julie’s key worker Karen was thrilled. “The doctor was stunned,” she says. “She told us Julie’s health was the best she’d ever seen her in. It was really nice to hear.”

Doctor’s appointments haven’t always been such a positive experience for Julie. In fact, in the past, every appointment Julie went to was fairly traumatic. Julie can see very little, so unsurprisingly, when the people at her appointments approached her and didn’t say what they were doing, she would become agitated.

Julie's key worker realised that that Julie would benefit from consistency, so promised that she or Kim, another support worker, would always accompany her to her appointments and would  ensure that everyone upped their communication, giving a detailed commentary on what they were doing.

Karen explains: “I said to Jules, “’If we explain everything to you and tell you exactly what’s happening and when, would that be better for you?’”

So on her next visit to the dentist time was taken to explain what was happening. This seems like a very simple solution, but the impact has been huge on Julie and has made a big difference to her well-being.

She’s an absolute star at appointments at the dentist now, not to mention the podiatrist, the orthopaedic team and her hairdresser!

says Karen. 

SeeAbility employs a wide range of professionals specialising in positive behaviour support, speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, vision rehabilitation and eye care and vision.  This specialist approach allows us to tailor our support to each individual. Thanks to the care she’s receiving from the team at SeeAbility – care that’s carefully tailored to meet her individual needs - Julie is thriving.

Her health has improved so much that she was able to go on holiday to Cornwall last year and enjoy the sounds and smells of the coast.  She stayed in an accessible log cabin near Looe and on a trip into town, she knew exactly where she was thanks to her impeccable hearing. “Julie said, ‘We’re on the bridge in Looe, aren’t we? I can hear the chinking of the boats in the harbour,”’ says Karen.

Her Cornish holiday really built Julie’s confidence. “Because she had so much more one-to-one time, Julie made much more conversation and she made more decisions. It’s great, because this has continued ever since.”