Not many people know that children with learning disabilities are 28 times more likely to have a problem with their eyes than children without learning disabilities. It is a significant issue that SeeAbility seeks to raise awareness of, and so we were delighted when the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Institute, which is dedicated to promoting learning, debate, and best practice standards invited us to share our learning with their Eye Care Professionals.

At the interactive World Café session that followed, SeeAbility’s eye care and vision team and our lived-experience experts talked about the innovative eye care work that led to the our Children in Focus research study and Every Day in Focus programme, calling for more eye care professionals to make their practices disability friendly.

In return, Johnson and Johnson Vision Care Institute’s Faculty and Professional Affairs Consultants shared their expert knowledge, helping SeeAbility to develop its plans in a number of areas including a strategy on engaging newly qualified professionals, marketing to reach new audiences and ways to extend our influencing networks.

Together, we share a vision of making eye care accessible for all and look forward to further collaboration in 2020.