The Golden Jubilee Trust was set up by John Lewis to mark the Queen’s Jubilee and is designed to assist charities stretch their thinking or to help them undertake something they would not normally have the money or resources to undertake themselves. 

In 2017, SeeAbility applied to the John Lewis Golden Jubilee Trust for a secondment to support the charity as we sought more ways to embrace employee engagement and a more democratic structure.

We hoped to be matched with an employee who had experience in staff engagement. Lesley Brown saw the advert on the notice board and jumped at the chance, excited to put her skills to use in the charity sector. On the back of our annual employee engagement survey, Lesley spoke to every team in the organisation to get to grips with how employees were feeling. This resulted in a series of action plans, working towards a more involved accountability model that’s embedded throughout the organisation.

“The charity and I both believe that staff should feel responsible for the organisation and speak up. By being more involved, having influence over organisational decisions and being listened to, everyone can pull together to make things work better” says Lesley.