Kerry is thrilled by the changes she has seen in her sister Jan’s wellbeing since she started to be supported by SeeAbility in Aylesbury.

Before the sisters found SeeAbility, Jan was living in supported housing but she wasn’t happy. Spending a lot of time alone, she had grown very anxious, particularly at night.

Kerry said:

Jan has always been very sociable – she has a smile for everyone, but she’d become depressed and introverted... she was disappearing... it really saddened me and I just couldn’t see how to improve things.

Finding a new home

All that changed when the sisters visited Waterside House.

There was such a lovely family atmosphere. Everybody spoke to Jan. It just felt so right. And it was such a relief.

Jan smiles at the cameraThis warm and friendly environment that Jan experienced when she first visited is at the heart of everything we do. It’s an organic result of our active values-based approach, which means that everyone we support feels welcome, valued and understood. It also means that our support is truly person-centred, focusing on Jan’s personal and individual needs.

The SeeAbility team took time to understand Jan and recognised that her anxiety had caused her to gain weight through comfort eating, which in turn meant she had become less active and needed a wheelchair to get around. They worked with Jan to develop a plan for her to lose weight and become more active by making small incremental changes that could affect real outcomes. This started with encouraging her to make healthier food choices, and gradually they worked towards regular exercise. The team found that she loves the satisfaction of using a Fitbit to track her steps, and this has helped her develop a positive approach to keeping fit.

A big step forward

As a result, Jan’s lost three stone and she’s now living an active lifestyle. She walks to the shops, plays ball with a neighbour and has even tried bowling and swimming. By developing an action plan that focused on her physical health, Jan’s emotional wellbeing has drastically improved.

Kerry is delighted:

The change in Jan is amazing. Every day she tells me how happy she is. SeeAbility is the best thing that could have happened to Jan.