Some of my friends ended up in nursing homes and they are only young  — we should all be in supported living.

Isobel is among 14 people with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss who have moved into brand new flats in Aylesbury over the past year and she’s taken on a special role as an ambassador for the service. 

Isobel is determined to achieve new and exciting things, undeterred by the cerebral palsy and blindness she has had from birth. She says: “I have a disability but I always think ‘why not?!’ And ‘maybe I can do this?’”

Moving home was a big step, but the SeeAbility team have been so supportive. I now know I can do anything if I stick with it.

Isobel is also keen to help other people with sight loss. SeeAbility used grant funds to buy a Braille embosser for Aylesbury tenants and Isobel uses it to make accessible communication materials for local organisations and restaurants.

With our support, Isobel has gained new confidence in other areas, including a chance to develop baking skills with celebrity chef, Damian Wawrzyniak. She is also a member of two choirs and has a big concert coming up where she will be the solo lead.