Desiree sits and chats with Tracy, someone we supportWhat are you responsible for?

Fundraising, Volunteering, Marketing & Communications, as well as Engagement with people we support so they can have a bigger voice both within and outside SeeAbility.

What are your priorities?

Making sure that the public, organisations, and influential people understand the vital work that SeeAbility does and how their support can make such a difference. Some people may choose to join our campaigns for change; others might share their skills with colleagues or people we support and others may decide to donate to SeeAbility. All of these different types of support mean we can help people lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Tell us about fundraising

There are two types; each is important as together they help to ensure we receive income in the short, medium and long term. The first relies on the public being aware of SeeAbility and feeling inspired to donate or fundraise for us. For example, someone may make a small monthly donation or raise sponsorship by running the London Marathon. Others may decide to leave SeeAbility a gift in their will - in fact, although they are very long term, legacies are a hugely important source of income.

The second type of fundraising comes as a result of applications to trusts, companies or wealthy individuals. In this case, the team will decide which projects to put forward, as SeeAbility will only secure the funding if our work closely matches funders’ interests.

What drew you to working at SeeAbility?

It’s important to me that we see the potential in everyone and are ambitious about peoples’ futures. When I work with my colleagues, no matter where they're based, it’s clear that we all share this goal and that’s hugely motivating for me. I also love that we’re brave! It means we’re not afraid to do things differently if they work for our colleagues and the people we support.

What do you do outside work?

Mostly, I spend my time being a Mum. I also love exploring new places – I do a lot of that in Sussex where we moved to a couple of years ago.