Friends and Family Newsletter bannerWhat are you responsible for at SeeAbility?

Finance, Property and IT.


What are your priorities? Are there any particular challenges?

There are a large number of things that money could be spent on and it’s my responsibility to ensure we live within our means. First and foremost we need to ensure we have enough money each year to keep providing support for people. That includes keeping our properties well maintained, safe and as appealing as possible to live in, as well as making sure we have up-to-date IT systems to help people do their jobs efficiently.

Making the most of the money we receive can be very challenging. Things are particularly tight at present, with local authority funding, which pays for our services, extremely constrained. There’s always a much longer list of things to spend money on than there is money available, but we have to make decisions about where we spend money based on what is most important.


Alun Shopland, Finance Director

What are you excited about in your department?

We are looking to streamline and improve our finance systems as well as updating our IT network to reduce costs and ensure all our services operate effectively. On the property side, we’ve got an exciting plan for a number of improvements over the coming year.


What drew you to working at SeeAbility?

I like to work in organisations that make a real difference in people’s lives, which is exactly what SeeAbility does. There is a high level of commitment and dedication here - from support workers and volunteers to receptionists. That’s highly motivating and makes it a great organisation to work in.


What do you do outside work?

I swim, walk, read, enjoy listening to music and spending time with my family.