We provide highly specialist support for people with learning disabilities and autism, many of whom have sight loss.

Our life-changing work depends on voluntary donations. Gifts of money and time help fund the much-needed expertise and equipment that makes all the difference in helping people to overcome huge barriers to achieve exciting new things every day.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, SeeAbility has one of the most comprehensive in-house teams of specialists in the country. This means each person we support gets exactly the right kind of expert attention that they need when they need it.

Our Specialist Support team includes consultant behaviour analysts, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, optometrists and vision rehabilitation workers. Our skilled support workers are all trained by the specialist team, applying their expertise in everyday situations so they have the skills needed to provide life-changing support.

Your help has meant children with disabilities who had never had an eye test are now getting the specialist sight tests they need and deserve. Early eye care can prevent more serious sight problems and permanent damage later on. 

We don't underestimate people. SeeAbility’s approach focuses on people and gets extraordinary results.

The people we support can live more independently and become more actively involved in their communities, all thanks to our specialist teams and your support.

Your money could be life-changing

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