Your kind and generous support will help more people living with sight loss and multiple disabilities to live their lives to the fullest.

We do all we can to ensure we spend your funds wisely and work hard to find the best, personalised support for each and every person who needs our help.

Local government statutory funding meets the essential needs of people in our care but it is your support that really enables us to enrich people’s lives and fund so many life-changing activities.

You are helping people to:

  • Look after their eyes and vision
  • Stay well
  • Develop life skills
  • Make choices
  • Live in a place which meets their needs
  • Be a valued part of their community

This is done through provision of dedicated and experienced specialist rehabilitation workers, speech and language therapists and physiotherapists.

Thanks to your help, children with disabilities who had never had an eye test are now getting the specialist sight tests they need and deserve. Early eye care can prevent more serious sight problems and permanent damage later on. 

Finally, we also share our knowledge of supporting people with sight loss and learning disabilities proactively across the UK to raise awareness, increase access to eye care and vision services and challenge health inequalities.

Thank you for considering a donation. Without you, none of this extraordinary work would happen.


Your money could be life-changing

£10 — could go towards a talking microwave so someone with sight loss can prepare meals independently.

£25 — could pay for a speech and language therapy session so someone with multiple disabilties can learn vital communication skills. Watch Sadick's video below to see that your money can give someone a voice. Katlyne has spent many hours working with Sadick so that he can now communicate with his world.

£85 — could pay for a specialist sight test for a child with learning disabilities in special school. Read Nathaniel's story to see the impact your money can make and read Brandon's story to see how our important work in special schools could help enable early diagnosis of preventable sight loss for a child with disabilities.