People with learning disabilities are more likely to have sight problems than others.

Glaucoma is a problem with the liquid in your eye. It can cause serious eye problems but regular eye tests can find out if you have this condition. It's important to find out if you have glaucoma as it can be treated with medicine.

Glaucoma is sometimes called ‘the silent thief of sight’. This is because most types of glaucoma have no symptoms and it can be difficult for someone with glaucoma to notice any early changes in eyesight.

Added to this, it can be much harder for someone with a learning disability to say they have a sight problem. Because of its severity, that could mean someone with a learning disability has lost most of their sight before they complain of a problem or anyone spots something is wrong. People with learning disabilities have a much greater risk of having sight problems (not just from glaucoma) and this is why it's so important to have regular eye tests to spot any signs of problems.

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  What is Glaucoma