Ross Price Last year I got into the ballot for the RideLondon-Surrey 100 and loved every second of it - training in the cold and wet, grafting at the gym, eating loads more rice and potatoes and then race day itself! It was so good that I had to do it again - lets see if I can get up those hills a little bit faster this time?

Working at the General Optical Council gives me a great insight (no pun intended...maybe...) into opticians and those who visit them. Sometimes things go right, sometimes things go wrong, but a majority of people do have access to an optometrist who can check their sight over and help correct any defects. Unfortunately there are a number of people who suffer from learning disabilities and may not have had similar access to an opticians. This can lead to all sorts of horrible debilitating sight issues that make everyday things like popping to the shops, switching on the kettle or reading a paper, a near impossibility.

I am lucky enough not to suffer from serious sight issues and have been able to get a decent education and career. Some are not as lucky and if all it takes to raise a bit of cash for such a worth cause is for me to ride 100 miles, I'll gladly do it. Ross Price