Rebecca shows our free eye care resources to an audience memberWhen we can see well, we are all able to lead more full, active and better connected lives.

However, the 1.5 million people in the UK with learning disabilities and autism are far less likely to be able to access good eye care, leaving them less able to join in with their communities and at a higher risk of losing their sight.

Not only are people with learning disabilities less able to access good eye care, they are 10 times more likely to have a serious problem with their eyes.

Our programme, Every Day in Focus, gives people with learning disabilities and autistic people the knowledge and opportunity to access the eye care they need. Getting good quality eye care as early as possible is so important to improving people’s quality of life and helping people to achieve the things they want in life.

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What our Eye Care Champions do

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Dave speaks to someone about eye careOur Eye Care Champions have the combined experience of working in eye care and also lived experience of disabilities, including learning disabilities, autism and sight loss. This makes them ideal advocates to understand the issues and to communicate effectively and accessibly with others.

They help inform people with learning disabilities of what to expect from eye care services and what reasonable adjustments they are entitled to. They also raise awareness and improve the skills of professionals, family members and carers so they have a better understanding of the needs of people with learning disabilities and how to support them.

Our Eye Care Champions give out their top tips for looking after your eyes for people with learning disabilities during all the changes we have seen with the COVID pandemic.

Where is Every Day in Focus happening?

Our Eye Care Champions work in local communities in London and the North West of England. We have big plans to roll out the programme to other areas in the UK.

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How to get involved

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Joanne Kennedy, Eye Care Champion:

Having my first paid job as an eye care champion has built my confidence and means I get to meet people. It’s different to all the voluntary work I have done for years as it makes me feel like everyone else looking forward to pay day and shows that people with learning disabilities can work. I have already helped so many people to be eye care aware like the lady who was frightened to have an eye test so she didn’t go – she now has 2 pairs of glasses, her headaches have gone and she isn’t scared of eye tests anymore – I did that!

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