Friends and Family Newsletter bannerPotential disruption to supplies, recruitment and cuts to public expenditure are all potential risks due to Brexit and SeeAbility has been working on our EU exit contingency planning since the beginning of 2019. 

  • A Corporate Risk Assurance & Control Framework, overseen by SeeAbility’s Senior Leadership Team, has identified key risks to the business which are being monitored and managed through our Brexit Business Continuity Plan.
  • All risks have been assessed with agreed controls in place to reduce risks as much as possible, the plan is regularly updated and follows guidance from the Department of Health & Social Care.
  • We have liaised with our suppliers about continued access to essential items, including hygiene consumables and equipment, and have been assured by arrangements they have in place for additional stock and storage facilities.
  • We have spoken with pharmacies about access to medication, which cannot be stock-piled.
  • Our HR team have also been looking at new recruitment opportunities to offset recruitment and retention difficulties in respect of certain staff groups such as nurses.
  • Information and support about options to continue working/living in UK including the EU Settlement Scheme has been made available to all EU Nationals within the SeeAbility workforce.