We’ve teamed up with Vision For Life, Essilor’s social impact programme, to reach thousands of people with learning disabilities, as well as eye care professionals, through our Every Day in Focus eye care programme.

Our Every Day in Focus programme aims to give people with learning disabilities the knowledge and opportunity to access the eye care they need. Getting good quality eye care as early as possible is so important to improving people’s quality of life and helping people to achieve the things they want in life.

Frédéric Corbasson, Executive Director Vision for Life said:

Good vision is a basic human right: seeing well is essential for our everyday wellbeing and quality of life. It enables us to learn, work, and fully interact with the world around us. At Vision For Life, our goal is to support sustainable vision care infrastructure and programmes, and we are committed to partnering with organisations and funding programs that bring vision care to the communities most in need. SeeAbility’s Every Day in Focus project is a unique and much needed eye care programme which supports some of the most vulnerable people in communities across the UK.


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