We’re campaigning for national change so that people with learning disabilities receive a better system of eye care.

We think many people with learning disabilities are still missing out on potentially life-changing sight tests, despite having an alarmingly high level of sight problems.


A national approach is what's required

Just some of things we’d like to see happen are:

  • A new community eye care pathway for people with learning disabilities funded through the national NHS scheme for sight tests
  • All people with learning disabilities of working age eligible for free NHS funded sight tests, rather than being means tested
  • Specialist sight tests and glasses available to children in special schools, as highlighted by our Children in Focus Campaign

Find out more in our charity position statement  Improving eye care for people with learning disabilities.

We also have our Delivering an equal right to sight report, available in different formats.

Download icon Full report
Download icon Summary
Download icon Large print report
Download icon Easy read icon Easy read report

You can also read more about our findings in special schools in our reports and research page. 


Join in campaigning

There’s plenty of ways you can get involved:

  • Sign up for our regular newsletter below
  • Let us know your experiences of eye care
  • Follow us on social media and help us spread the word
  • Contact your MP if you want to make them aware of the issues



For more information and support contact Donna O’Brien (Policy and Public Affairs Officer) on 01372 755 063  or email: d.o’[email protected]