Gender pay report

SeeAbility understands the importance of an inclusive and diverse workforce and how this enables us to provide exceptional support whilst being a reputable and respected employer.

As you may know all UK organisations with over 250 employees are now required to publish details of their gender pay and bonus Gaps: the proportions of men and women in each pay quartile and the percentage of men and women receiving a bonus.

Our gender pay gap is significantly lower than the UK average and also for the care sector. While this is positive we believe that diversity and inclusivity underpin everything we do so we want to ensure that we focus on continually improving equality of opportunity for every employee.

We have made great progress in our approach to diversity and we want to ensure that this continues. This means we will continue to monitor and set clear goals for diversity and embrace the views and creativity of our workforce, people we support, and their families to ensure inclusivity is part of everything we do as an organisation.

 Download SeeAbility's Gender Pay Report 2018